Product Usage Information

CHIEN COATURE uses only the finest materials and beads for their coats and accessories. With proper care, your CHIEN COATURE coat, leash or accessory will last for years to come.

When you remove your pet’s CHIEN COATURE coat or accessory, please make sure to put it out of your pet’s reach or the reach of small children. The crystal and glass beads used to embellish these items will shatter if your pet chews on the decoration! Again, please take care.

Please avoid dropping your CHIEN COATURE coat or accessory on a hard surface. The crystal and glass beads used to embellish these item can crack and break. Also, if you step on these items, the crystal and glass beads will probably crack and break.

Due to the delicate nature of velvet, CHIEN COATURE's velvet coats and accessories are not meant to withstand rain or snow.  They will keep your dog warm and beautiful, but rain and snow will ruin the nap of velvet.

Please do not spray any fabric protectors on your CHIEN COATURE coat or accessories! If something gets on the fabric, just dab it with a soft cloth. On the lighter pieces, do not dab with a dark cloth.

Regarding spot cleaning, on the velvets, please take your CHIEN COATURE coat or accessory to a trusted dry cleaner to SPOT CLEAN the affected area.

Oils on your hands can possibly dull the sparkle of the crystals and beads on your CHIEN COATURE product. If you notice the crystals have dulled, you can take a soft, lint-free jewelry polishing cloth, and gently rub the crystals to restore their original luster.

When storing your CHIEN COATURE coat, please keep the neck and waist fastened to decrease the chance of snagging resulting from the hook part of the Velcro fastener.

For further information regarding the care of CHIEN COATURE coats and accessories, please feel free to contact us.